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Union, Rose to MTA: Keep E-ZPASS Jobs Unionized and in Staten Island

Excerpt reprinted from The Chief. Click here for full article.

"The current EZPass customer service center has provided nearly 300 jobs with family-supporting wages and benefits for over a decade," Congressman Rose stated in a letter to the MTA. "Most of these workers live on Staten Island and are workers of color and their jobs provide Staten Island families with the economic stability and opportunity upon which their communities rely."

He continued, "The loss of these jobs would be a massive setback for our community. ... I therefore request that there be contractual guarantees that the contract awardee will retain the current workforce in Staten Island and that these jobs will stay good, family-supporting jobs."

Mr. Rose is supporting the bipartisan Call Center and Consumer Protection Act to deter companies from exporting American jobs overseas and reward them for locating in the U.S.

"It's unconscionable that during an ongoing public-health crisis and an unpredictable economy, the livelihoods of almost 300 workers at the Staten Island E-Z Pass Center are in jeopardy," said CWA District 1 Vice President Dennis Trainor. "As the MTA considers rebidding this contract, worker retention and protecting these jobs must be the top priority."

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